Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Tale of the Vacuum of My Dreams

Georgina sometimes chides me for writing about giant companies that everyone knows tend to be distant, and saying that they are insincere seems to be just stating the obvious. However, I have a lot of fun squawking about their lack of passion for the customer (that being reserved for the money that the customer represents:). I know I just can't help myself.
When I say to you that I know of a company that does not fit that mold, at least in terms of their dealing with me, I am hard pressed to have fun with it... There's no complaining involved! I ask you, what's a guy to do?
I suppose I'll just have to tell it like it is. We bought our second Dyson  (In the interests of transparency and sincerity - the link is an affiliate link to this tool available through Amazon) vacuum a couple of months ago and it took me a whole month to realize that there was a part that should have been included in the box that was not. This vacuum was, like its predessor superior in every way, but there was no sort of attachment that would clean under, for instance a bed or a dresser. The vacuum itself was too big to fit under either of those things. The last vacuum came equipped to do the job, but this one was not. So I called them and told them my sad story. The man I spoke with listened to what I had to say, and within a few minutes he realizied that he agreed with me! He quickly arranged to send me the part in question for free, and indicated that he would be forwarding our conversation to the upper echelons in the company, so that attention could be paid to creating a solution in advance of  of their receiving any other calls from unhappy customers. He actually cared and indicated quite directly that so did the company, and he was fully empowered to do something about it.

Evaluation, Very sincere


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