Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pita Hot...What?

Sometimes you just gotta put the spotlight on the little guy. I doubt anyone cares about a tiny gyro shop tucked away on a busy street in Astoria, Queens, NYC, but my son is such a fanatic about their shawarma (sliced, ground lamb in a pita) that I had to give Pita Hot a try. First of all, the name is awfully cute, don't you think? A little play on Pizza Hut except that it doesn't really make sense, since in English, of course, we would say Hot Pita. I'm sure the owner either doesn't know or care, and why should he?

But I digress. Anyway, I went in to order a felafel (ground chick peas and spices rolled in balls and fried, served in a pita with veggies and sauce) and found the counter man, probably the owner, a large, middle-aged, middle-eastern type, as friendly as could be. He cheerfully took my order, then proceeded to offer me hot pita triangles dipped in fresh hummous (ground chick peas and spices in a paste.) It was phenomenal. He offered the same to all the customers who came in, and knew some of their orders before they spoke. My son tells me this is true of his - the guy knows to add extra hot sauce but no veggies.

I got my felafel in about 5 minutes and took it home to eat instead of there in the tiny restaurant with just a smattering of tables and chairs. It was good. Not as good as the fresh hummous, but good. Good enough to remain impressed with Pita Hot's level of sincerity, and want to recommend it to others. So if you are in Astoria anytime soon, drop by for a cheap, satisfying, middle-eastern sandwich, made to order. It's the friendliest shawarma you'll find anywhere.

Evaluation: Very sincere
25-15 30th Ave
AstoriaNY 11102
(718) 932-8282



  1. I love Pita Hot.

    The dolmades are stuffed with just enough rice and flavor.

    Try the Jerusalem tea - with rosewater and cardamom.