Friday, September 16, 2011

Napoli Pizza and Pasta

My friend and guest writer on this blog, Teresa Barile, is restaurant critic extraordinaire, her once a week contribution to the Queens Gazette Newspaper in New York. When Teresa recommends a restaurant, take her seriously. Many of the eateries we've touted on Searching for Sincerity came by her suggestion. For years she'd been telling us to try this ultra cheap, super traditional Italian place in Astoria simply called, Napoli Pizza and Pasta. I'd driven by it many times and seen the sign but didn't connect it to the one she was talking about. It looks like your average pizza-by-the-slice dive. But duck under the inner doorway to the tiny, unadorned dining room within, and prepare for the wonders that await you: a crisp and saucy Caesar salad, melt in your mouth garlic bread, and, my choice of entree the night we went, a totally authentic pasta carbonara that was...$6.50, I kid you not. It was such a huge portion, I combined it with Jon's perfect fettuccine alfredo and took it home for leftovers. They serve wine by the glass, but don't expect the swill you often find in cheap joints. I had a generous glass of Montepulciano that was excellent and inexpensive. There's nothing gourmet here, nothing pretentious, just friendly service, great food, huge portions and the perfect spot to meet your writer friends, as we did that night. Thanks, Matt and Julie Posner for the splendid meal and company!
(Matt and Jon exchanged signed books that night and we took home a copy of Matt Posner's beautifully inventive, Harry Potter alternative, The Ghost in the Crystal from his School of the Ages series. I started reading it and couldn't put it down. You can find it and other writing and music of Matt's here:
Evaluation: Very sincere
(718) 472-1146
33-02 35th Ave
AstoriaNY 11106


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