Saturday, September 25, 2010

Curious Frog Theater Company, New York City

Romeo and Juliet
What has no office, gallery, theater or headquarters and yet manages to exists as a unique and inventive organization? Curious Frog Theater Company of course. This tiny group has two people in leadership roles, Nic Musolino and Artistic Director Renee Racan Rodriguez, plus a handful of staff members. All of them, it seems, mostly run things out of their homes. However, it is their ideals that make them stand out from all the myriad off-off Broadway theater companies in New York, renting space as needed or just plunking themselves down in a park somewhere. We've seen maybe six of their productions over the past three years, and not only was each one just plain, damn great, but each stayed ultra-true to the company's mission: "to present new, modern and classical works with the goal of showing a new, multicultural perspective through non-traditional casting that does not hinder understanding or believing a work, but rather enhances the work in an innovative manner and fosters fresh perceptions."

They embrace this ideal, they live by it, they use it to inform all the work they do and they never veer from it, ever. So this, and the fact that they have the vision to unfailingly hire the most intriguing actors and excellent crew while keeping ticket prices low, or free, such as their summer Shakespeare in the park productions, makes them Extraordinarily sincere!
You can check out some of my reviews of their shows if you want to:

Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere!


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  1. Thank you so much Georgina!

    And to your readers...we'd love to have more pro-bono assistance or even just a pair of helping hands for one event, or your old clothes for costumes...every little bit helps. Plus, we have lots of fun!