Thursday, December 10, 2015

Buying a Range in Portland Oregon

The rare and elusive slide-in range. 
The concept seemed so simple. The slide-in range in our new home was on its last legs so we decided to buy a new one. Coincidentally we received a 20% "welcome to the neighborhood" discount  from Loews. We went in, chose the stove, paid for it, and were given a delivery date 7 to 10 business days in the future. Ten business days went by and, nothing. I had to call them to find out that the 7 to 10 had turned into another 7 to 10. So yeah, we agreed, stuff happens. Ten more business days dragged by and, again nothing! I called and was told that they weren't sure when the order would be filled. Got my money back, and after a bitter tweet directed at them, they grudgingly provided a $100 store credit. Better than nothing, right? At least they tried. Next, I found the same range on Amazon (to be fulfilled by The Home Care Company) with a delivery date 7 days in the future, a good week before Thanksgiving. We took the bait and all over again went through the same idiocy we'd gone through with Loews. Several days after Thanksgiving I severed that "deal," with nothing from that company but, gosh sorry since you don't like the deal you can cancel it. Suck it Home Care Company! Amazon, are you listening?

Finally, I searched the exact model of range I wanted within my zip code and discovered an outfit called Hutchins TV and Appliance, about 25 minutes from my home. I called and verified that they had the range, and then drove out and made the purchase. That was a Friday. Jimmy was the very laid back and knowledgeable salesman. We arranged for delivery on Tuesday. With Jimmy's help I understood the space that accepted our old range was more than 2 inches too small and that gave me Monday to fix it. I did that. The friendly delivery/installer, Trenton, arrived exactly on time, went about his business and provided clear instructions. An excellent experience all around!

Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere!

Hutchins TV and Appliance

  • 512 Southeast Baseline Street
    Hillsboro, OR 97123
    (503) 648-2813
  • Store Hours
  • Monday - Saturday: 9am to 6pm
    And by Appointment Closed Sundays


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