Sunday, February 10, 2019

Homeopathy is Alive and Well

Yesterday I had a really interesting conversation with a couple of very interesting women. One, Linda, is an MD, the other, Ashley, is a nurse. Both I would identify, with high praise, as unabashed Homeopathic Evangelists. Each of them spoke with great eloquence of this system of medicine, that while not at odds with Western Medicine, continues to be viewed with considerable skepticism by the modern medical community.

To read more about the early days of homeopathy
What these two women are working toward is the education of as many people as they can reach, to let them know of the benefits of this "alternative" medical system. The reason I placed quotes around, alternative, is because it is so often used in a pejorative way; to make it appear that this sort of practice is to be viewed with a certain amount of suspicion.

As I came to learn through our conversation, homeopathic remedies have been around for more than 200 years and are regulated by the FDA just like pharmaceuticals. There's nothing alternative about that. Each of these incredible women works with people both locally and remotely in such far away locations as India. Ashley spoke of hosting meeting with some attendees in the room and others checking in via Facetime (or some such). Linda spoke about her own experience with having been healed, not through her own deep understanding of what was needed, but rather through the slightly different perspective of one of her colleagues. The sense I got was of how dedicated each of them is to the task they see ahead. I was so impressed by their commitment to the dissemination of this information, that I've invited each of them to write a guest post, or two, here on the Searching for Sincerity site.
I certainly look forward to seeing more their insights on this subject.

Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere!


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