Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rooz Cafe, Oakland, CA - Friend of Sincerity (FOS) Post

The following evaluation of sincerity was sent to us by Beth Barany and is posted here exactly as written. 

There are many cafes within walking distance from my house. My favorite one is Rooz Cafe on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. I like the art on the walls, the funky music they play, and their willingness to let me order off the menu. And that they know my name!
Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere

1918 Park Blvd, Oakland, California 
(510) 267-0110


 Links to Beth Barany's Book: Henrietta the Dragon Slayer (Five Kingdoms)

Thank you Beth

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  1. Thanks for featuring me, my favorite cafe and my book on your blog! What a fun concept!