Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Parkland Theatre Entertainment Centre - Cincinnati Ohio

Okay, I'm doing something today that is indeed a small bit outside of the nature of this blog... I am gong to give an evaluation to a place I have never been, based only on photos, and a conversation I had with the very interesting man who owns and operates the Parkland Theater, Ed Miller. What I immediately found to be extraordinary was what Ed has done with the old building you see in the photos. (I just snagged them from his website). As is clearly visable, his was a labor of love: he took control in 1997 of the stately old landmark building, "built as a vaudeville house in 1881 and converted to a silent movie house in the 1920's," turning it into something that surely is a  matter of great pride within the community. That decision alone, to preserve and renovate the old gal, would be plenty enough for me to give him a well deserved vote of sincerity, but going above and beyond that high level, in charging his patrons a scant $3.00 admission price for all shows, well, you must already have a pretty good idea that I am giving this place a pretty darned great evaluation.
Oh, and one day you know we're goin' to the movies at the Parkland!  - And, I can't wait!
Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere!


6550 Parkland Ave
Cincinnati Oh 45233

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