Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hour Children - Thrift Store, LIC, NY

There are some of these kinds of stores that are just filled with junk lying around in corners. There are some that are set up to mimic large department stores, and then there is Hour Children, which has a flavor all its own. The prices are very reasonable,  their cause is just, and the people running the place are so kind and gentle that its a pleasure to walk in and wander around.

I bought a couple of shirts there some days ago, and after a quick run through the laundry (they were already clean but I wanted them pressed) they were absolutely perfect. I paid six bucks for the two, and felt like I'd scored, which is how one should always feel when having purchased something from a thrift store. Also the woman running the place on the day I went in  is was so much like a favorite character from a book I was reading, Into The Beautiful North by Luis Urrea, that I took something else home with me when I left... a sense of family.

I love this place!

Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere!

3554 11th St
Long Island City, NY 11106-5043
(718) 433-4724

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