Friday, August 6, 2010

Viva El Mariachi - restaurant

Over dinner last night, Georgina and I were talking about this project. We realized that the idea of searching for sincerity is really as much about stumbling into a place that somehow delivers that extra something that compels us to want to share its existence here, as anything else. Clearly, we've been very lucky in our encounters. The place where we were eating last night (a "Latino" restaurant in Jackson Heights) actually had very good food, our waiter was pleasant, and the atmosphere was nice enough, however it just didn't deliver the goods. On the other hand, Viva El Mariachi, little dive that it is, does. Why is that? Well, that's always the point on this blog isn't it? - We really don't know the answer, but we do  know when it's there and when it isn't. Mariachi is a place that very often has loud Mexican rocanrol, delivered via jukebox, blasting from big speakers at either end of the place, and simultaneously broadcasting an ongoing Spanish language soap-opera on each of the big flat screens that adorn the front and back of the dining room. The food is stunningly good, reasonably priced and nicely presented. The waitresses bemusedly tolerate my bad Spanish, and delights at Georgina's perfect Mexico City accent. There's no host nor hostess, and everyone just chooses a table that they feel comfortable at. Coming from the Southwest, we're always on the lookout for good, authentic Mexican food, and trust me this place is the bomb! Service is quick and friendly and no question about it, Viva El Mariachi is decidedly sincere.

Evaluation: Very sincere

3311 Broadway, Long Island City

(718) 545-4039

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