Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wo Hop Chinese Restaurant

This is one of those places in the city that you just have to go to in order to understand the allure, and strangely there are two uniquely different locations in the same spot. There is the upstairs restaurant - on the street level where you can walk in - sit down and and have some average Chinese food that you can probably get just about anywhere, and then there's downstairs where the food is freakin' amazing! The waiters are not all that friendly, but the service is good and the kitchen is fast. We've asked about the difference in food quality only to be stoically informed that everything comes out of the same kitchen!
I kid you not - the guy at the cash register, who passed us this bit of information, didn't so much as grin or blink at the blatant lie, but I'm telling you - the truth is in the chop-sticks. Whether you take my word for it or not - upstairs and downstairs the prices are the same - which is to say very reasonable. But the thing is - if you do go downstairs you will most certainly want to write home and tell mom about it. Also, one other thing: in the world of home town sincere advertising you can buy a Wo Hop t-shirt in white or black sporting a v-cool red dragon on it (next best thing to a red dragon tattoo without the needles) for a mere $6.00

Evaluation: Pretty sincere


17 Mott Street, New York - (212) 566-3841


  1. You forgot to mention, Jon, even though we love Wo Hop (downstairs) it is, afterall, a seedy dive :)

  2. I too love Wo Hop's, AND I have one of those cool tee shirts (black) that sports the red dragon. Every time I go to New York, I look forward to a visit to Wo Hop's. I agree with the sincerity rating too.