Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Tai'r Bull Inn - Brecon Beacons, Wales

The evening Jon, our son, Josh, and I went to the Tai'r Bull Inn, in the mid-Wales county of Powys, it was on a recommendation from the hostess at the B&B/Sheep Farm we were staying at. It was spring, and we'd been wandering around on the farm all afternoon, looking at the adorable little lambs, so when we arrived, good and hungry at the Tai'r Bull, (vegetarians avert your eyes) all Josh and I could think of was a nice roasted lamb on a platter - and that's what we had - the most sublime shank of lamb you could imagine.

We don't expect you to be running around in the wilds of Wales anytime soon... necessarily. But if by some chance you find yourself in the mountain region of Brecon Beacons, you must, must, must go to the Tai'r Bull. I have to admit, it was a few years since we were there, and in that time they've changed management, so their website says. But let us assume that they still serve, as their site confirms, the freshest, local lamb and other meats, roasted vegetables in season and an array of Welsh cheeses that will blow your mind. You will find a setting that is quaint and comfortable, attentive service, a full bar and a great selection of wines.

So, hie you to the motherland, well, my motherland; find the Sheep Farm if you can, (we found it by asking at the Brecon tourist information center - the owner's name is Mary) and make the Tai'r Bull the centerpiece of your visit. Mmm, those yummy little lambs.

Evaluation: Very sincere


Libanus, Brecon, Powys LD3 8EL Tel: 01874 625849

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