Friday, June 4, 2010

Dave's Not Here - Restaurant - Santa Fe, NM

 Right, so we don't live in Santa Fe anymore, and have not lived there for like eleven years. Nevertheless some things endure in memory (and taste buds), and this is one of those places. The burgers are big and sloppy. The fries are exactly what you should never put in your body. The service is fast and generally friendly. However some-days you'll have to stand in line outside in the warm New Mexico sun to await a table. It's not a tourist destination. The green chili is, of course, a must and a small amount of blue cheese on that burger is always a good idea.

The Dave Story: Dave was a beloved local chef who worked for another restaurant in town who branched off to claim his own small bit of local fame with this little place formerly called - you got it - Dave's. Unfortunately, with instant fame came a growing habit that got him in deep trouble. So deep that he had to give the place up. The folks who took it over however paid deserved tribute to his ground work by keeping everything the same but for that slight alteration of the name.

Evaluation: Very sincere


1115 Hickox St, Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 983-7060 

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