Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cure Thrift Shop - Manhattan

A few months ago, I was sitting around having a high-flown discussion with a group of friends and artists around the theme of Value and what it meant to each of us. We came to the question, what is the one thing you wish you had but you would never buy for yourself ? My answer was: a really, nice bag, one of those purses that costs hundreds and ends up being a staple for years to come. I don't care about designer labels, but I've always thought that a really high-quality bag would be a classic addition to my vintage-based wardrobe. With the Value and Vintage themes in mind, I went with my husband to Cure Thrift Shop in the East Village, a place he had stumbled upon in his wanderings around town. He remembered what I'd said about the bag and he noticed they were having a big sale on purses. With very low expectations, I went, and there I found maybe a hundred bags of all kinds. I sorted through them, again with low expectations, until I began to notice that there was genuine Prada and Coach (even used out of my price range), but I realized that my chance was within reach. And then there it was. A brand new, pristine, Via Spiga bag, reddish brown leather, simple, understated, elegant, just the right number of pockets and just the right size. It was 35 bucks. I snagged it. (Later, I checked on line and found that the value of the bag, even on e-bay, was around $250 - very insincere of me, I know.)

Cure Thrift Shop doesn't always have that "bag event," running, but it's always a cool and interesting place to find clothes, furniture and other stuff. I found a beautiful Italian skirt there for $20, a linen blouse for $15, and though the selection isn't huge, I'd say they have just the right idea of the word Value. And your purchases go towards the cure for Diabetes. You can't beat that.

Evaluation: Very sincere

111 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505-7467

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