Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bare Burger - Astoria, NY

Bare Burger opened about a year ago and it's our ultimate destination for shakes and fries after theater, movies or our son's various performances. Also great for lunch, dinner, you name it. It rates the highest on the sincerity index because the food is all organic, including the free-range meat, the interior is all made from recycled materials, and the take-out packaging is all compostable or biodegradable. (Actually, I've been experimenting with composting their cups and a year later they're still completely intact, but I'm willing to be patient.)

Beyond that, the food is ultra-delicious, and the staff couldn't be friendlier. They are a little too enthusiastic about opening up the moveable walls to the outdoors regardless of the weather, but it's all a part of their zest to be outdoorsy.

Evaluation: Extraordinarily Sincere!


31st. Ave. and 35th Street., Astoria, Queens, NY

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