Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hillsdale Library - Revisiting Their Sincerity

I think it could be argued that the Multnomah County Library system is one of the most progressive and inclusive in the country. About a year ago,  I wrote a piece for the Sincerity column that I do for the SW Community Connection paper in Portland about how very sincere the Hillsdale Library, part of the county system, is, mentioning that they have a good Spanish language section.
Well, I'm feeling like I need to rethink that evaluation. They have removed the Spanish language section for adults, and replaced it entirely with Russian. As a matter of fact, it looked to me like that was the only other language for adult readers that the library now features besides English. Though I know there's a large Russian population in Portland, I also know that the Spanish speaking population is growing. For the library to replace all Spanish language books for adults with Russian, in this Trump-era, Russian loving, Mexican-hating atmosphere we live in, it just seems like an iffy choice. They probably won't see this post, and that's okay, just want to get it off my chest. I let them know in person that I wasn't happy with their choice. I have nothing against Russian immigrants living in my vicinity, nothing at all. I welcome them like I welcome all newcomers to the U.S. But let's not send the wrong message by excluding Spanish speakers either.

Evaluation: Kind of sincere


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