Saturday, December 7, 2013

The PERFECT Slippers from The Shearing Shed

I recently got the most wonderful pair of slippers I've ever owned from a place called The Shearing Shed in Belmont, MA. I bought them online, Massachusetts being fairly local to New York where I live. The slippers are made right there in Belmont, a Made in the USA product. I ordered a size 7, though I wear a 7.5, because they didn't have half sizes. I was told to expect them to be snug at first, but that they would form to my feet. When they arrived, I was struck by how well made they were, and also by the beautiful, thick, warm sheep fleece inside and around the ankle. On the outside, they are a beautiful suede. They felt like heaven on my feet, but were indeed quite snug, especially with socks. Almost too snug. But Bob, the owner of the company had sent me a personal email when they were on the way, reminding me that they would be. I decided to put my faith in him, and sure enough, after about 3 days, they were perfect. Every other pair of sheepskin slippers I've ever owned ended up being too big after wearing them for a month or so, flopping around on my feet and not keeping them very warm. Now, several weeks later, these still fit like they were made just for me, and in fact, they were. Bob mentioned they made them when I ordered them. And they were only $49, shipping included. I'm wildly in love with them and hope they never get dirty or worn out. And yet, when they someday need to be replaced, I know right where I'm going to order a new pair. These will make great holiday gifts too!
The Shearing Shed is without a doubt...
Extraordinarily sincere!


  1. Left one of your blogs and now I find myself looking at fluffy slippers. Watched a shearing in Scotland-awesome. Oh we are kindred souls, Georgina. I love George Clooney too, he's the modern day Cary Grant. And I love the time period you write. Yes, I'm a history geek. Just popping in from the Kindle Giveaway Hop. :)

  2. Thanks for the great comment! Definitely sounds like we're kindred spirits. I agree, Clooney is the modern day Cary Grant! Thanks for doing the Kindle Giveaway Hop and following my blog. Friend me on FB - and we can chat about books sometime. I'd love to know what else you like to read :) History geeks rock!