Friday, February 11, 2011

The City of New York - Money Woes Equal Unethical Behavior.

Georgina would tell me that everyone knows that the city is not sincere and would suggest that I chose some other place to write about... but Georgina isn't here at the moment, and I just got a notice from the city that has really gotten me angry. A while back, when there was nothing like snow on the ground taking up parking spaces, I received a ticket in Brooklyn for parking in a bus zone. The photo on the right is one that I sent along with my not-guilty plea. That's my white Honda in the distance. It was so ridiculous that I figured the cop had somehow lost his mind for a few minutes and had gotten it totally wrong. I took photos. My friend took photos. I sent in my obviously not-guilty plea.

Admittedly, I included the following: As is clearly shown in these three photos my car was not parked in the bus zone. I was parked legally in every way. If more photos are needed to prove my point they are available. With all due respect I consider this to be a waste of taxpayer money, a waste of paper, a waste of stamps and postal service gasoline, and a waste of time. The officer who issued this ticket might benefit from additional training.

Well, the judge found against me. I appealed that decision and received a form letting me know this" "upon review of the entire record we find no error of fact or law. The judge's decision is upheld." What can I do about it now? Nothing! Other than write about it here which does serve to make me feel somehow better. I mean, I get it - the judge didn't like it that I said what was on my mind. Still, judges are paid to uphold the law not make it up as they go along. If you're interested, this link Parking Ticket Blackmail contains all of my communication with them, and their automaton responses. Am I still pissed off you ask? Sure, I am, but you've made me feel so much better.

Be careful out there. The city of New York is raising money and they don't much care about how they go about it. To those in charge we represent dollar signs.

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