Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fraser's Trading Post - online

Yes, I admit it! I did swipe the images from their site, and though I looked for a photo of the actual location, I did not find anything verifiable. Nevertheless, this is the place Georgina and I purchased last year's Christmas exchange for one another. So what does everyone need and want more than anything else during cold winter days and nights? Why, warm slippers of course! I have to say, I'm wearing mine right this minute on a brick floor in my office, and my feet are warm and toasty.
Their website is not very sophisticated. It shows that they accept PayPal and various credit cards, but there's no shopping cart! You actually have to email or, horror of horrors, call them and talk to a real living human being to place an order. I chose to call, and spoke with a very nice woman who inquired if I would like to have the packages gift wrapped. I said sure and waited for the additional charge... there was none. Both Georgina and I agree: these are the best slippers we've ever had.

If you live on the East Coast, you're buying a locally made product. No sweat shops. No children's fingers in jeopardy. No trendy logos. Just slippers that every one who sees them wants to own.  Now you know.

 Evaluation: Very sincere

Fraser's Trading Post
Toll Free 1-877-746-3938
Phone: (207) 746-3938



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