Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reward: for the return of the Christmas Lights of 30th Ave - Astoria, NY

Have you seen Steinway Blvd. in Astoria, Queens this year? It's all decked out in a brand new array of glittering orbs, putting throngs of dedicated shoppers into the financially correct Christmas spirit. Music blares from strategically placed speakers, and a world of high end shops warmly welcomes anyone with plenty of cash in their pocket.

Message? Merry Chri$tma$ to one and some?

Am I the only one who remembers last year and the year before when there were other areas of Astoria where pretty light display swags were installed for the wonderment of children and adults, rich and poor alike? Those lights were of the twinkling white variety, and they gracefully lined every other lamp post along opposite sides of the larger streets.

Something has changed this year. Things are different now. There are random nasty ol' lights strung up, looking left over from the Great Depression. What sort of message is being delivered to the citizens of Astoria? If you're not shopping on Steinway you don't need real Christmas lights? Can anybody explain to me exactly what "SEASON6 ylFIdGS" means? Is it a secret code telling everyone if they really want to see lights they'll need to take their chances on Steinway, or wander down into the lower East Side where there are currently displays of light swags strangely similar those used to grace our streets?

Let me just say this: $EA$ON6 ylFIdGS and Merry Chri$tma$ to all. And to all a  good night

Evaluation: You need to ask? Really? 


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