Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Subway System - Greatest-City-In-The-World

As Georgina and I troll the world searching for that somewhat elusive quality, we more often encounter its exact opposite. Such is the case when we use the subways here in NYC (practically every day). In the midst of what could be one of the least sincere business ventures around, there's something that stands out to me as being below and beyond the threshold of insincerity: the MTA escalators, carrying hundreds of thousands of commuters from one level to another, are equipped with speaker-systems presumably to keep travelers informed of delays, scheduling changes or whatever other important information needs to be conveyed. They are used more regularly however to deliver a message. A woman's mechanical voice repeats, "Have - A - Nice - Day" in an endless loop of disingenuous good wishes.
Although there is, of course no one there, I feel somewhat compelled to respond in kind, "Thank - You - Very - Much - For - Your - Thought-ful-ness. - By - The - Way - Your - Guard - Rail - Has - A - Terr-i-ble - Squeak."

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