Thursday, October 25, 2018

Groundspring Healing - and the miracle of the knee

As many of you know from an earlier article, Georgina and I added a B&B space to our home last spring. What you may not know is that we did a substantial portion of that work ourselves. Yes indeed, we're feeling pretty smug about the whole thing, because, in my opinion, it's really beautiful. 
SUBMITTED PHOTO: JONATHAN YOUNG-ELLIS - Groundspring Healing Center offers acupuncture and other healing services.
However, that creative endeavor did not come without its share of pain. Specifically, in mid-June, I stepped onto a stack of boards that appeared to be solid, yet were actually designed to collapse if anyone were to step on them in just the wrong way. So of course I did exactly that. Who could have imagined that the human knee was designed to see stars? The pain was far beyond any of my numerous skateboarding calamities.

Two days after the great knee trauma of 2018, I went to have it X-rayed because I truly believed I'd badly broken something. The doctors, however, assured me that such was not the case. They said healing would take a little time, and I was OK with that. But my knee wasn't in on that particular deal, and weeks stretched into months of pain. It did subside somewhat, but I continued to, quite pitifully and very carefully, limp around for the next 12 weeks. Doctors kindly offered to do an MRI to see what was going on, and possibly arrange for some sort of surgery. Obviously, if that were my only option, I suppose I'd have gone for it.

However, I chose to investigate acupuncture. As it turns out, that was an amazingly good decision. Groundspring Healing Arts (8283 S.W. Barbur Blvd., Portland; 503-244-1330; www. is located on a little one-way, angled piece of Barbur Boulevard that merges into Multnomah Boulevard behind Safeway. But that little unassuming building seems quite a bit larger on the inside than on the outside, with seven practitioners working out of the peaceful space. I can only speak from my experience, but if the others are working with the same degree of thoughtfulness, care and dedication as my practitioner, they must be exceptional in every way.

As a matter of fact, the efficacy of my acupuncturist's treatment was tested recently when I found myself clambering the 213 feet (about 20 stories) of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico. We're talking about a grueling climb of 248 hand-cut stone steps. OMG! OK, perhaps "clambering" is the wrong word, since my derring-do required at least a couple of stops to just pant and gaze out into the distance of the surrounding ghost-city with an expression of deep intelligence and understanding. I'm quite sure to others, like the 9-year-old running up the steps past me, I looked as though I had been captivated by my environment. Still, I made it to the top without once considering a knee which only three weeks earlier would have made such a feat of super-heroic scrambling literally impossible.

Where before I would hobble painfully from my car into a local store, I was now capable of successfully reaching the top of one of the most amazing edifices on this continent. My acupuncturist's name, by the way, only accentuates the connections that this world often makes for us. It's YuJin Lee. She told me that this roughly translates to With Sincerity. 
Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere!


If you know of a business that you think might meet our criteria, please send the information to me at I can't promise to write about them though, as that in itself would be, well, insincere.

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