Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sandwich King of Astoria

Over the door the awning proudly informs us that this is Sal, Kris, and Charlie's Deli. More importantly it declares that this place is the the fabled Sandwich King of Astoria - which is what Georgina and I have been referring to since arriving in Astoria some 12 years ago.

On the way to board a plane that no longer bothers (now that I think about it thankfully so) to even pretend to serve food ? - Let's stop at the Sandwich King. Road trip? Sandwich King. Spontaneous picnic? Sandwich King. Etc..

Why is this place the stuff of legend? How do they have the nerve to self-declare that they are the Kings of the sandwich? The truth is in the fresh baked choice of rolls, the delicious deli meats, the available peppers, tomatoes, lettuce with a nice slathering of mayo. It is in the way the guys greet you and work together behind the counter in a dance of flying knives, happy banter and a concentration on making the best sandwiches one can possibly imagine. 

Hail to thee Sandwich King. Long may you reign! Huzzah!

Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere!


33-12 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 278-9240

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