Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Astoria Performing Arts Center

Pictured left: Janine Ayn Romano and D. William Hughes in APAC's 2009 Production of Ragtime. Photo: Jen Maufrais Kelly

Sincerity isn't necessarily measured in talent, skills or ability. Especially in the case of art, all the sincerity in the world will not result in a masterfully rendered product. Equally, I've known some pretty, darn insincere artists: hateful, stuck up, pretentious, condescending, addicted or just plain sociopathic, whose work is inspired. Therefore, it is when I encounter artists who are not only good at what they do, but are nice people whom you want to spend time with and who give back in the face or their success, no matter how modest it may be, I feel that their sincerity should be particularly noted.

Astoria Performing Arts Center, led by Taryn Sacramone and Tom Wojtunik, exemplifies what I'm talking about. There's no use in me reliving the drop-dead incredible shows they manage to produce in a humble church auditorium in Queens: I'll link my reviews for that. It's just that they do these groundbreaking pieces at the highest level of quality conceivable, they treat their actors and crew really well, by all accounts, they give back to the community in the form of youth and senior programs, and the two of them, as well as everyone else I've ever met connected with the organization, are just really, really nice.

I'm just a humble blogger, and reviewer for a local rag with probably a pretty modest readership. So, if it matters at all, let me shout it from the highest building in Astoria: APAC is...
Evaluation: Extraordinarily sincere Pillowman_Is_World_Class_Theater_From_APAC.html


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