Thursday, June 17, 2010

Village Style Vintage Clothing Store, Manhattan

 Buying used or vintage clothes is not only good for the environment but it's a way to support local businesses and have great style on a budget. Enter Village Style, a terrific little vintage shop in Manhattan's East Village that not only has lots of good stuff but prices it appropriately. Let's face it, vintage clothes, are still, after all, used clothes, and I object to places that price vintage items like they're made out of gold. At Village Style, you can find the cutest 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's dresses you've ever seen priced from about $20 to $40.00, plus skirts, blouses and plenty of great men's shirts, T-shirts, belts and pants. They also sell a handful of accessories like hats, shoes. cowboy boots and purses. It's not a huge store so you don't spend a lot of time pawing through rack after rack, but can find what you're after quickly and easily. Sizes vary too - they aren't all just teeny-tiny. I wouldn't exactly call the staff friendly; after all, they do have to maintain a certain level of cool, but they're nice enough, and once gave me a discount just because they recognized the dress I was wearing as one they'd sold me.

Evaluation: Pretty sincere


It's located at 111 E. 7th Street, between 1st Ave. and Avenue A. Even knowing the address, it's oddly hard to find, but don't give up! It's worth the effort.

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