Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ristorante La Giara, Sarteano, Tuscany

When you just happen to be out town-hopping in Tuscany, don't forget the lovely, ancient town of Sarteano, near Chianciano. Lots more to be said about the town in general, but for a great eating experience, go to La Giara on Viale Europa, basically the main drag in Sarteano, for everything from pizza to delicious main courses of meats, fish, and pastas in the typical Tuscan style, including a wonderful list of native wines.  Indoors is a bit cavernous - fine for parties and events, but like us, when we went a few years ago, you probably will be a small party looking for a wonderful meal in a friendly atmosphere, and if the weather is warm, will want to eat outside on the patio. It's not fancy - just comfortable - and they don't mind a few loud Americans. The owner, whose name I wish I could remember, a charming Signora, personally took our order and catered to us. I think she appreciated that I spoke Italian, but her English was quite good and she was just as kind to those who didn't speak her native tongue. The only issue we had occurred on our second visit, with some German friends: their teenage daughter wanted the prosciutto and arugula pizza with the toppings cooked, which isn't how they serve it, and they didn't want to do that, but she insisted, we were embarrassed, and they did it. It didn't prevent them from effusively urging us to come back someday, which we assured them we would - and we will.

Evaluation: Very sincere

Viale Europa, 2
53047 Sarteano SI, Italia
0578 265511

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