Friday, June 4, 2010

The Pink Adobe - Restaurant - Santa Fe, NM

This is the place where Georgina and I met, so naturally we have fond memories. When we were members of the staff it was a very friendly place to dine. When we went back a couple of years ago we couldn't help but notice that the environment was much more structured and we did have the feeling that a good deal of emphasis had been placed on "turning the tables" meaning get them seated, feed them, and get them out so that the next batch could come in. Still the food continues to be very good, particularly the Steak Dunnigan (a sixteen oz monster smothered in green chili and mushrooms) is simply not to be missed. Rosalie Murphy, the original owner (friend to tons of celebs) is gone now, passed away (though I still do a pretty good impression of her - being bitter) as are all of the amazing people we worked with. At this point it seems like the template of what was is still in place, but home town flavor, alas - that's gone now. This is one that walks the line in my mind, so I am compelled to give this...

Evaluation: Kind of sincere


406 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2770
(505) 983-7712

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