Monday, June 7, 2010

Off the Vine - Astoria / Banville and Jones Distributor

Now, I must admit I've never actually walked into Off the Vine, which usually would mean it's not qualified for this blog, but I had such an amazing phone experience with them, as well as their having been recommended by a good friend, that they've earned a high place on the sincerity index. Here's the story: a friend was having a bridal shower and had registered for a particular wine at a Manhattan wine shop. I went to their website to buy it, but the site didn't work each time I tried it over several days. The day before the party, I was frantic. I called the store, they said they could ship it for 12 bucks, practically the same price as the wine, or I could come in and get it though they're on the Upper West Side and I live in Astoria. I knew I'd have no time before the shower to do that. So I called Off the Vine, based on my friend's recommendation. They didn't have it, but were very friendly over the phone. They gave me a website to go to to locate the wine in NYC. The website took me back to the Manhattan shop. I called Off the Vine again, by accident, thinking I was calling another store. The man I spoke to then personally looked through his database to find the distributor of the wine and told me to e-mail him. I did so, and the distributor, Banville and Jones, (big shout out to them!) personally delivered the wine to me at my house that evening at no charge. Between the two of them, that's service!

Evaluation for Off the Vine - Very Sincere for phone service and could go higher once I have the chance to go in and check the store out.
Evaluation for Banville and Jones - Extraordinarily Sincere!


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